About Experience Haus

There's a need for affordable education. For spaces dedicated to self-improvement. For a circle of welcoming people in an industry built upon hushed-up secrets and competition. We don't see design as something to hide, but something to share.

Our cost of living is high, so it's important to have a low cost of education. We offer part-time courses (pairing students with start-ups), hands-on workshops, and mentoring programs that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

We're Building a Community

Our aim is to bring people together through design - our students enjoy small classes where open discussion and collaboration is key. We also bring in industry experts to help our students understand current trends and to find out more about how to succeed in a design career.

Hear from our students...

Some of our Courses, Workshops and Events

Product Design
We offer a 10 week course where we cover a variety of topics including research tactics, design thinking, and stakeholder management - the course features a client project with a local startup, which students work on independently. We also offer a one day workshop where you can get an introduction to product design.
Design Thinking
We’ll teach you how to apply design thinking to overcome any challenge, from using empathy to understand your audience to coming up with creative, innovative solutions that cater to their needs. We’ll cover the concepts, but we’ll also demonstrate the exercises and methods we use on a daily basis to push our designs forward – and make sure everyone gets involved.
A Conversation
We’re excited to be planning our first conference in July (stay tuned to our site as we will be adding more details), where we’ll be sharing some breakthrough conversations with designers around the world and exploring what’s new, different and fun in design. Join us for 9 exciting talks from speakers covering user experience design, product marketing, product design and branding.

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