Design Thinking Workshop

You’ve heard all the phrases in the book – design challenge, design task, design thinking. To us, these all mean one thing: you have a problem to solve.

As a designer, your unique mindset and vision is what sets you apart. While every designer thinks differently (and we’d like to keep it that way), our day-long workshop aims simply to provide a framework for that thinking in order to tackle each project with ease and structure. We’ll teach you how to apply design thinking to overcome any challenge, from using empathy to understand your audience to coming up with creative, innovative solutions that cater to their needs. We’ll cover the concepts, but we’ll also demonstrate the exercises and methods we use on a daily basis to push our designs forward – and make sure everyone gets involved.

Price: £100 per person

Who it is for: The course is perfect for anyone who is looking for an introduction to design thinking to add their existing way of working on digital products. Although there are no pre-requisites to take the course, having a keen interest in design definitely helps. There is no need to have any knowledge of particular software or concepts you will be taught everything you will need to learn along the way.


Friday, September 1st, 2017, 10am-5pm
Location: Impact Hub Kings Cross, 34b York Way, London, N1 9AB

Friday, October 6th, 2017, 10am-5pm
Location: Impact Hub Kings Cross, 34b York Way, London, N1 9AB


Amit Patel is a freelance Product Manager/Designer working with a number of clients here (most recently Crossrail 2) in London. He’s the instructor of our 10 week Product Design course while growing Experience Haus. He was formerly the lead instructor on General Assembly’s full-time immersive and part-time UX courses in London. He recently spent a year working as the Product Manager at, a startup, cloud-based platform designed to re-invigorate the way we curate and view audio and video via mobile and the web. Previously he spent five years working on the Crossrail project (Europe’s biggest construction project) working on business process/analysis, and project management.