7 Great Reasons to Learn at Experience Haus


Our quality course design and content is led by experienced design professionals. They are all equipped with industry experience of helping students to develop their knowledge, improve and prepare them for new opportunities.

Affordable education

We don’t see design as something to hide, but rather something to share. That’s why we’ve made our classes affordable. For example, we want to reach out to people that would make fantastic product designers but due to other financial commitments they need something that’s more affordable.

Part-time courses

Our classes run once or twice a week in the evenings (for a period of 10 weeks), making it accessible to you whether you are in full-time work or have other commitments.

Hands-on & working with real world startups

Our ‘learn by doing’ practical approach gives our students the perfect opportunity to apply what they have learnt straight away in the real world.

Smaller class sizes

By keeping the class sizes small (8 students maximum), students can progress faster. We encourage them to ask questions, share their knowledge, insights and experiences.

Great working space dedicated to self-improvement

Our studios in Old Street and Aldgate East, London are great meeting points for our students, giving them access to excellent transport links.

Guest Speakers

We invite a selection of guest speakers to come into the Haus and talk to our students. These informal sessions help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for students to expand their industry knowledge, build relationships, stay curious and continue learning.

Experience Haus provides applied learning and hands-on courses for organisations and individuals covering an abundance of different digital expertise. Here’s why you should come learn with us.

Posted on : Sunday October 6, 2019