About Experience Haus - Experience Haus

Why Be Generally Assembled?

Design and innovation training has become BIG BUSINESS.

What once was a highly empathic, human-centred practice has secumbed to commoditised, mass produced commercial gain. With much of the industry exploiting the dreams, ambitions and naivety of both students and organisations in order to make a quick buck, meet sales targets and please investors.

Salespeople who’ve never taught or practiced a day in their life are selling products they don’t understand, to people who don’t know any better,  as they chase their next commission.

Training firms are packing their classrooms so full they can’t even remember people’s names.   Teaching the same old material regardless of who sits in front of them, whilst never passing on the most important skill of all – the ability to apply and adapt knowledge to the constantly twisting, always turning reality that defines practitioner life.

Just keep the factory line moving and the money rolling in.  That’s all that matters. Right?


We created Experience Haus because we believe that every single person and organisation is different.

That difference should be celebrated, nurtured and catered for.

That difference is a vital part of standing out and succeeding in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and recognising one’s own self-worth and contribution to the world.

So here are our two, simple founding principles.

1. People over profit.

We will get to know every person and organisation we work with intimately.  Providing the advice, training and counsel that’s right for them, even if at odds with our own interests or progression.  Because it’s the right thing to do and will serve both us and them better in the long-run.

This means maintaining small class sizes despite pressure to scale.  Providing lifelong mentoring long after courses have finished, regardless of the ‘labour and utilisation costs’.   We’ll even recommend competitors if it’s the best option available (and we do).

To name but a few.

2. Experience is everything.

Our second core belief is that nothing beats real-world experience.  So everything we do will endevour to bring people closer to the world in which they are expected to deliver their new-found skills in.

This means innovative, cutting-edge training techniques that break down the classroom walls and fully immerse people, no matter where they are or the constraints faced.  Whether online, offline or as part of a blended learning programme, we will always find ways of getting you or your team closer to the action and into the field.  Whilst never scrimping on the core underlying theory and evidence.

Welcome to Experience Haus.

Amit Patel

Founder & Creative Director

Joseph Morgan

Managing Director

Anant Sharma


Fred Moore


Fred Beatson-Hird

Commercial Director

Oona Hook

Operations Manager

Annie Morris

Operations and Student Experience Executive

Emma Blackmore

Marketing Director

Reihana Muryani

Marketing Executive

Juliet Watkin-Rees

Marketing Executive