Experience Haus All Day Hackathon with London Sport

We brought together 20 Haus Students and Alumni in Product Design and Product Management for an all-day hackathon that took place in our Shoreditch studios.

What does is take to make less active Londoners more active?

Experience Haus alumni hackathon was held on Saturday 16th November 2019 and brought together 20 of our Product Design and Product Management students (current and alumni) for an all-day hackathon that took place in our Shoreditch studios. Over the course of a full day, the students and alumni worked in teams to produce innovations in aims to push inactive Londoners to be more active – all based on a challenge provided by London Sport.

Held in the presence of Experience Haus‘ Founder and Creative Director, Amit Patel, London Sport‘s Specialist Advisor in Technology for Participation, Alex Zurita and Programme Manager of Sport Tech Hub, Patrick Colbeck, the teams created concepts and prototypes in response to briefs set by London Sport based on a recently published research about the physical activity of 2000 Londoners.

experience haus london sport hackathon

What did the day look like?

Teams spent 8 hours answering the brief using customer discovery and research, ideation, rapid prototyping and other methods they learned from their Experience Haus courses and their creative careers. The night ended with final presentations in front of a curious panel of experts from London Sport. Here is a brief overview of the four products that came out of the day:

Get Fit

A web based service for people aged between 55-65 who want to get fit but are nervous about existing injuries or hurting themselves further. Get Fit allows them to personalise their search by logging all their conditions eg. arthritis/shoulder pain, and the exercise they are interested in, to find them classes in their area suitable for their conditions. There will also be references from GPs about what exercise is good for different conditions and can be booked through the website to create an efficient and trustworthy process.


A mobile app with calendar and slack integration, designed to help fit exercise sessions into convenient intervals in your day. By using reminders, rewards and sharing with friends and colleagues, it helps to form exercise habits that stick for the ‘Inconsistently Involved’.

Fitness Match

An app that helps you make friends to exercise with. You can build a small, close knit group, that keeps you motivated, and helps you look forward to exercise, instead of dreading it. You can find people whose fitness level matches yours.


A parent-focused sport network platform where parents can organise sports and exercise activities whilst also helping each other out with childcare. It uses a point-based system that rewards both organising matches within and nannying the kids of your networks.

experience haus london sport hackathon

experience haus london sport hackathon

We’re extremely proud of what each of the teams were able to produce in just one day and excited to bring to work with London Sport further to bring these ideas to reality. We will be hosting more events like this to reunite our alumni and students over a day of challenges and fun. Thank you to everyone that took part and contributed towards the day.

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Posted on : Wednesday November 27, 2019