Bayer Innovation Week in Basel, Switzerland

We flew to Basel, Switzerland to deliver an opening keynote speech at Bayer Innovation week and lead workshops in critical thinking, ideation and rapid prototyping.

Bayer Consumer Health

We were asked by the team designing the inaugural Bayer Innovation Week to design and delivery an ideation and rapid prototyping masterclass. This session would be one of the key pieces of inspiring and interactive content aimed at showcasing new approaches to innovation, and how developing new skills can help drive improved product delivery.

The team was interested in a hands-on workshop where ideation and rapid prototyping techniques (among other methods and tools) were put into practice on live challenges set by internal teams.

What we did

Our workshop design team worked with the Bayer Consumer Care team to co-design a bespoke masterclass that covered business modeling, identification of target user audience, user stories (to help define success) and a series of ideation exercises. Once each team narrowed down to one solution to move forward with, the concept of rapid prototyping was introduced. Teams then worked collaboratively to sketch our their concepts, get feedback from other Bayer team members and then further refine their solutions. 

The workshop was designed so that the learnings from the course would be applied immediately live project brief, which were provided by two internal teams. To define the briefs that would be used during the masterclass, the Experience Haus design team worked with stakeholders from two teams – the briefs included an overview of the problem faced by users, the challenges faced by both users and the brand itself and desired success metrics. They were supported by brand guidelines and useful research that was deemed relevant and useful for the masterclass teams to review while the session was ongoing.

bayer innovation week

Outcomes and Benefits

The masterclass covered a variety of topics all of which play an important role in ensuring that product concepts will be successful. Attendees also learned how to develop and deliver solutions using popular frameworks with our instructional team while also hearing about case studies from how other industry leading products have been developed and created. They also learned how to approach thinking about product roadmaps and success metrics.

At the completion of the session, the teams presented their concepts in front of key stakeholders (for example, Global Brand Directors).. Stakeholder management was a module introduced in the course and this gave an opportunity for the teams to explain how they approached the challenge and present their concepts. 

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Posted on : Thursday December 5, 2019