Opogo Teach Digital Youth Workshop

We collaborated with Opogo to bring Teach Digital to life - a programme with the goal to infuse curiosity and creativity into the younger generation, and fuel the potential designers of tomorrow.

What issue are we trying to tackle?

Technology continues to rapidly evolve and has transformed how we all live and work, it’s important to keep in mind that the driver to technology’s success is not the technology itself, but rather the creative people often behind the scenes. Therefore, it’s vital to invest in people and acknowledge the need for more skills and development in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in order to keep up with the pace of progress.

While the UK government has addressed the increasing need to invest in STEM skills as a pillar of its macro industrial strategy, a recent STEM skills indicator highlights that businesses across various sectors from healthcare to AI, are feeling the effects of this skills shortage. 

As scale-up businesses in the education sector, Opogo and Experience Haus realise this transformation will not happen overnight – therefore we felt it was important to collaborate and  bring a new programme called Teach Digital to life.



What is Opogo?

Opogo is a community platform with a focus of combining tech with a passion for personal connections to transform education. Opogo’s goal is to build and nurture a community of those who work harder and dream harder to develop skills, connect with peers and help empower people to be the best educators they can be. 

What we did

Young people start making career choices at a very early age, therefore it is crucial to start investing in their digital and design skills as early as possible. Opogo and Experience Haus developed a 6-week course to teach young students (the pilot sessions have been aimed at 7 to 9 year old pupils) how to build anything from apps to drones and driverless cars. By helping them understand future career opportunities and roles, how to do research and come up with ideas as a team, they have learned about collaboration, creative skills and how to use creative to come up with useful new products.


To learn more about Teach Digital please contact Opogo at hello@opogo.com or Experience Haus (learn@experiencehaus.com).

For more information about our workshops and courses, please visit www.experiencehaus.com. For Press and Media enquiries, please contact Emma Blackmore, Group Marketing Director: emma@matterofform.com .

Posted on : Thursday November 28, 2019