Taking the Leap to Start Your First Creative Business

Taking the Leap to Start Your First Creative Business

Wednesday 26th June, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

We’ve all been there. Sitting around the dining table, brainstorming a brand new business idea. But take it a step further. You’ve actually worked out the logistics, crunched the numbers and amount of time and effort you would need to put in. You’re on the cusp on getting going…but how do you take that final leap to actually start your business? Join us in our studio as Ivy Malik walks us through taking that leap to start your own creative business, overcoming challenges and turning your passions into profits.

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Event Overview

On Wednesday 26th June, we will be joined in the studio by Ivy Malik, someone who has plenty of experience in launching their first creative business. Fuelled by a culinary dream, discover how Ivy took the leap and opened her own restaurant, and ended up with a coaching business. Hear more about her journey, the lessons she learnt about building a brand, leading a team and navigating the business world. 

Join this session and discover how to take the leap, overcome challenges and turn your passions into profit. 

About the speaker:

Ivy Malik helps creative entrepreneurs who feel undervalued put the fun back in business. She helps them break free from the cycle of overthinking and fear, guiding them towards confident pricing and smooth selling. Her business and sales coaching is influenced by Psychology, human design and 15+years in business

1) What can you expect to get out of this event?

Gain some helpful tips and insight, network with other designers and entrepreneurs, and learn how to take that leap in launching your business

2) Meet an industry expert

Ivy has experience launching a business and also helping other businesses put the fun back into what they do. Learn how to take your own leap into launching your own creative company.


Who's this event for?

This talk is perfect for anyone who has a business idea that they are unsure how to launch, or those who have launched businesses and are stuck in how to move forward. 


What's the format?

Ivy will give us an insight into her experience, career and top tips, before opening up to the audience for questions, followed by informal networking.



What will you get out of it?

You will leave with helpful tips and insight into how to finally take that step to launching your business and how to make it succeed.

Taking the Leap to Start Your First Creative Business

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Wednesday 26th June, 6:30pm - 8:00pm BST