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Class Sizes

The course will be limited to 16 students maximum.

Online Learning

The course takes place online using:
Slack (for community discussion)
Zoom and Mural (for workshops)
Google Drive (for course materials)

Learn the end to end design process while working on a real project brief from a local business or startup. Gain important and desired design skills while learning how to craft a product concept that will work.

Attend an Information Session

Design Process

• Learn the end-to-end design process using the latest methods and tools used by designers around the world.

• What is design thinking and how can you use it effectively to create good products

• Gain a valuable understanding of why empathy is a key component of user-centred design.

User Research

• Grasp effective and valuable user interview techniques, and how this helps with the product design process.

• Identify the right types of users to speak to and how to go about finding them.

• Discover the different types of user research you can and when you should use each of them.

Stakeholder Management

• Learn how to effectively interview key stakeholders by asking good, open questions.

• Identify the right stakeholders that you need to speak to in order to gain useful insights.

• Learn valuable project management, collaboration and communication skills.

Competitive Landscape

• Learn how to review your direct and indirect competitors using popular competitor analysis frameworks.

• Gain valuable and desirable skills in understanding how market positioning works.

• Master the art of identifying new opportunities in this increasingly competitive world.

Product Strategy

• What are business models and what is the right one for your product?

• Learn about metrics and KPIs and how to measure success for both users and businesses.

• What is a value proposition and why is this so important to get right in order for your product to stand out?

Experience Mapping

• Understand how mapping user journeys can help surface pain points, bottlenecks and points of opportunity.

• What is your user thinking and feeling at certain points of the journey and how can you summarise this?

• Learn how to put together an experience map – a strong deliverable to present to stakeholders and clients.

Defining Success

• Learn how to write effective user stories to help drive an understanding of what success means for your user.

• Summarise your user research phase with strongly written problem statements and a clear hypothesis.

• Learn how to diagram user flows and how users will interact situations and decisions.


• Learn why designers ideate in order to inspire new and better design solutions and products.

• Learn the process of ideation – generate a large quantity of ideas then cut down into the best, most practical or most innovative ones.

• Grasp key techniques that will help uncover unexpected areas of innovation.


• Learn how use sketching as a first point to determine what interfaces are needed for the user to accomplish their goal.

• Learn industry standard wireframing tools such as Sketch and Figma in order to create digital wireframes.

• Understand how to build effective design systems and grasp the nuances of user interface design.


• Learn how to use industry standard tools (Invision and Marvel) to create your prototypes and prepare for testing.

• Learn how to prepare effective prototypes in order to demonstrate functionality and flow of a successful user journey.

• Learn how to effectively tie your user research findings into a concept/product.

Usability Testing

• Learn how to write task scenarios to help drive effective user testing sessions.

• Do users understand how to get to their end goal within your product? Do they get there? Learn what insights are useful in order to shape your product further.

• Learn how effectively give and receive valuable user feedback in testing sessions.


• Turn your journey and project in the course into a powerful presentation that you deliver to your stakeholders.

• Learn how to write a case study and craft a portfolio piece in order to help your career and job search.

• Grasp valuable storytelling and narrative skills in order to help “sell” your product ideas.

Our approach to training allows for an open and creative learning environment. The course will be capped at 16 students maximum to allow plenty of mentoring from our instructors.

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Who is this course for?

The course is perfect for anyone who is looking to add digital product design skills to their existing skillset.

Previous students have included digital marketers, graphic designers, web developers, and brand consultants and other creatives. Although there are no pre-requisites to take the course, having a keen interest in design definitely helps. There is no need to have any knowledge of particular software as you will be taught everything along the way.

If you are unsure the course is correct for you, please feel free to reach out or attend the upcoming information session.

Who will you be learning from?

Our wealth of hands-on workshops and courses aims to connect professionals with current practitioners in the industry culminating our philosophy: learn by doing. We work with an extensive network of 50 hands-on and highly skilled instructors.

Our product and business development workshops have been designed to ensure that attendees are able to apply their learnings right away in their respective jobs and companies. Our instructors have worked with various sized teams, from small startups to leading agencies and organisations such as Amazon, John Lewis, Huge, Matter Of Form, ustwo and more. You will be learning from the best in the field.

What previous students say about our courses:

Kathryn Samson

Freelance UX Designer

"I wanted to add to my design skill set with UX/UI design capabilities. I absolutely feel like i’ve now got all the tools I need to build my UX/UI design career. Because I’m continuing my work with the startup that I was paired with during the Product Design course, I’ll definitely continue to gain more experience and will also have a real case study for my portfolio."

Naomi Gorlov

UX Designer, BBC

"I really enjoyed collaborating and working with the other people on the course, but most of all I enjoyed getting the opportunity to experience all aspects of a project through working with a real company. I was able to make a real contribution by solving real problems which gave me invaluable experience."

Alvin Chan

UX Designer, Nitro

"Learning the relevant processes like experience mapping, user flows, and applying it to a live brief from a startup was really enjoyable. More often or not, a lot of these vocational courses ask you to apply what you learnt to a theoretical project that came from your own thinking, which frankly, isn’t enough."

Our partnerships with design recruitment companies provides useful and current industry career advice, portfolio and CV reviews and and a helping hand in finding your next design role.

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