Service Design

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Sept 27th, 2021 – Dec 16th, 2021

Monday and Thursday evenings, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

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Sept 27th, 2021 – Dec 16th, 2021

Monday and Thursday evenings, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

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Class Sizes

Each course is limited to 8 students maximum.


The course takes place online using:
• Slack (for community discussion)
• Zoom and Mural (for workshops)
• Google Drive (for course materials)

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Learn the end to end service design process while working on a real project brief from a local business. Gain important and desired design skills and while learning how to craft a service that will work.

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Defining Service Design

• Mental Models of Design
• Design Thinking
• What is a Service?
• The SD Process

Design Leadership

• Organising Your Team
• Stakeholder Management
• Navigating Internal Politics

Analysing a Brief

• Client engagement
• Brief Interrogation
• Discussion Guides
• Exploration Areas

Thinking in Systems

• What is a System?
• Relationships & Ecologies
• Creating Meaningful Order
• Systems Maps

Research Design & Conduction

• Research Process
• Secondary Research
• Sampling
• Qualitative Methods
• Quantitative Methods
• Research Plans

Synthesising Research

• Research Walls
• Personas
• Jobs-To-Be-Done
• Starter Scenarios
• Empathy Mapping

Journey & Experience Mapping

• Journey Workshopping
• Map Building
• Service Blueprinting

Problem Alignment

• Opportunity Prioritisation
• Problem Statements
• Brief Reframing & HMWs

Devising Solutions

• Ideation
• Full Scenarios
• Sketching
• Storyboarding


• Physical & Experiential
• Digital
• Paper
• Usability Testing
• Iteration

Touchpoint Development

• Phase & Channel Summaries
• Internal Briefings
• Comms Design

Service Rollout

• Change Management
• Staff Training
• Service Specifications

Our design studio allows for an open and creative learning environment. Classes are capped at 8 students maximum to allow plenty of mentoring from our instructors.

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Who is this course for?

Students come from a wide-range of different backgrounds and for a variety of different reasons.

Because of this there are no entry requirements, just a desire to learn and a can do attitude.

Example attendees include:

• People looking to break into a career in Service Design.
• Those in the service industry who want to improve their services or accelerate their careers.
• Public, private and not-for-profit sector employees for whom service experience or delivery is important.
• Designers, consultants, marketers, strategists, product managers, operations, human resources, logistics, technologists, politicians, front-line service staff to name a few.

Who will you be learning from?

Our wealth of hands-on workshops and courses aims to connect professionals with current practitioners in the industry culminating our philosophy: learn by doing. We work with an extensive network of 50 hands-on and highly skilled instructors.

Our product and business development workshops have been designed to ensure that attendees are able to apply their learnings right away in their respective jobs and companies. Our instructors have worked with various sized teams, from small startups to leading agencies and organisations such as Amazon, John Lewis, Huge, Matter Of Form, ustwo and more. You will be learning from the best in the field.

What previous students say about our courses:

Kathryn Samson

Freelance UX Designer

"I wanted to add to my design skill set with UX/UI design capabilities. I absolutely feel like i’ve now got all the tools I need to build my UX/UI design career. Because I’m continuing my work with the startup that I was paired with during the Product Design course, I’ll definitely continue to gain more experience and will also have a real case study for my portfolio."

Naomi Gorlov

UX Designer, BBC

"I really enjoyed collaborating and working with the other people on the course, but most of all I enjoyed getting the opportunity to experience all aspects of a project through working with a real company. I was able to make a real contribution by solving real problems which gave me invaluable experience."

Alvin Chan

UX Designer, Nitro

"Learning the relevant processes like experience mapping, user flows, and applying it to a live brief from a startup was really enjoyable. More often or not, a lot of these vocational courses ask you to apply what you learnt to a theoretical project that came from your own thinking, which frankly, isn’t enough."

Our partnerships with design recruitment companies provides useful and current industry career advice, portfolio and CV reviews and and a helping hand in finding your next design role.

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