About Experience Haus UX/UI Design Training Provider Agency in London, UK

About Us.

Providing design education for the creative economy.

Founded in 2017, Experience Haus aims to bring design into the boardroom - we do this by delivering practical and hands-on workshops and courses for individuals and teams across the globe.

We help those that want to pivot, refresh and upskill, while also helping companies harness the power of design throughout their organisational structure.

A leader in design education.

Design education puts an emphasis on the real problems facing businesses - the need for a balanced focus between business strategy and customer experience. The Experience Haus modularised offering covers high demand disciplines across Experience Design (User Experience Design, User Research, User Interface Design, Product Strategy, Product Management and Service Design), Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design Leadership.

Real-life design challenges.

We advocate the ‘learn by doing’ approach, meaning all students will apply what they have learnt straight away onto real-life client projects. In this way students learn the theory, as well as the mindset of being a creative in today's workforce. We have partnerships with leading business schools, accelerators and incubators, where we source real-life design challenges from the startups that will lead the way in the future.

From the bottom up to Britain's boardrooms, and beyond.

Creative skills will be vital to keep Britain’s economy at the leading edge. New trends such as AI and automation will disrupt the global economy, however, it is design skills that urgently need to be brought into the boardroom. Experience Haus will change the world’s approach - supporting the young, easing the burden on employers and reshaping the future of this country.

A unique ecosystem.

We are not just another classroom based training provider. We are in partnership with a leading global design consultancy, Matter Of Form, and share a vibrant studio in the heart of London's creative and technology hub, Shoreditch. Students come into class inspired by the highly dynamic creative environment, and are encouraged to network, collaborate and co-create to further their professional development.

Best-in-class instructional team.

Our courses are led by leading practitioners who do the job day in and day out. We currently have a large (and growing) number of highly passionate instructors currently work as UX Designers, Product Designers and User Researchers in various industry-leading companies, agencies and startups across London and the UK.

The Core Team.

A dedicated team here to help you maximise your potential. Simply reach out via email or LinkedIn and we'll have answers to your questions.

Amit Patel

Creative Director

Responsible for content and curriculum design, as well as looking after our corporate relationships. Amit will occasionally also pop in and teach a class or two.

Rebecca Vines

Student Experience Officer

Rebecca is in charge of the onboarding process for all our students and instructional team, and ensuring the smooth running of all our courses at Experience Haus.

Rosie Pritchard

Marketing & Admissions Manager

Rosie leads all of our marketing activities and is usually the first point of contact for anyone enquiring about any kind of B2C and B2B training opportunities.

Can Hoskan

Product Strategy & UI Lead

Can heads up the design and build of our tech platforms, teaches UI across various courses and looks at various strategic opportunities for the business.

Ellie Vickers

Graphic Designer

A highly talented designer who is helping spread the word about Experience Haus. You will see her work across our social media platforms and posters near you!

Roxanne Darlington

Finance Manager

Experience Haus is part of an unique ecosystem and partnership with Matter Of Form - Roxanne provides financial oversight for Experience Haus.

Anant Sharma

CEO, Matter of Form

Experience Haus is part of an unique ecosystem and partnership with Matter Of Form - Anant is the CEO of MOF and a key advocate of design education.

Fred Moore

COO, Matter of Form

Experience Haus is part of an unique ecosystem and partnership with Matter Of Form - Fred is the COO of MOF and provides financial oversight of Experience Haus.

Our Instructional Team.

Meet the incredible and dedicated team that will be taking you on your learning journey. Our courses are led by leading practitioners who do the job day in and day out, and are passionate about sharing their deep industry knowledge.

Aditya Tripathi

Product Strategy & Management

Aditya is one of our instructors on our Product Strategy & Management course. Currently, Aditya leads product marketing for Spring.io developer products at VMware. Prior to this role, he was a product manager on the Cloud Foundry develops platform at Pivotal.

Bart Weaver

Product Design

Bart is an experienced Product Designer who leads our in-person Product Design course, as well as UI modules on our other courses. His current role is at Trint AI, a transcribing and translating tool. Prior to working in design, Bart dabbled in the PR sector working for Adidas, Beats by Dre and Jack Daniels, as well as working in the events industry, building stages and assisting in event setups and festivals all over the UK.

Cory Hughes

UX/UI Design

Cory is an experienced design strategist, consultant and advisor. Her career in the creative industries has taken her around the world working with agencies, nonprofits and multinational brands. She currently works as Head of Strategy and Co-Founder of Inside Edge, a transformation consultancy that helps organisations own their digital future.

Dimitri Hadjichristou

Product Design, UX/UI Design

Dimitri is a Product Designer with over four years experience primarily designing kids digital products. Currently, he works at Gohenry, building the go-to digital banking product to help make millions of kids better with money; he's also worked on various other exciting B2C startups and businesses in the tech sector Pigzbe and Primo Toys.

Erin Delaney

UX/UI Design

Erin is currently working as a Product Designer at frog but has had previous experience working in Senior UX Designer roles. This was after five years working in branding and gaining a Bachelor's in visual communication.

Joe Dollar-Smirnov

Product Design and Product Management

Joe is very experienced in the technology space having been involved with many organisations from early-stage startups to established blue chips. Joe is also an experienced UX and Design Thinking instructor and holds an MSc in Human Factors Engineering from Nottingham University and an MBA from London Business School.

Jon White

UX/UI Design, Product Design

Jon White works at Cleo and spends his time there as a Senior User Researcher fighting for the world's financial health. With a mix of previous roles both in-house and in consultancy, and previous careers in hospitality after training as an actor he speaks from experience that there's more than one route into UX and that your soft skills count for much more than you might think.

Margot Azoulay

Product Design

Margot is a Senior UX Designer specialising in ecommerce and luxury. She currently works at Browns fashion where she heads up the UX team.

Martin McCarthy

UX/UI Design

Martin is a user researcher. He's designed and ran studies on products for a clients such as Facebook, Sony Playstation, HSBC, and VW Group. He's currently working as a user researcher in government.

Oli Puttick

Product Design

Oli relocated to London from Australia in 2019 and has been working as a Senior Product Designer at a small travel startup called Seafrog. During his career, he has been lucky enough to collaborate with early stage startups, agencies and big established corporates across a range of industries including Fintech, education, hospitality and travel.

Valeria Ippolito

Product Design

Valeria is a Designer based in London crafting experiences and solving design problems by blending skills in visual, motion, and end-to-end Product Design. She is currently working as a Lead Interaction Designer at Sky, designing across different mediums and ideating solutions that enhance the product experience.

Paavan Buddhdev

UI Design

Paavan is currently a senior digital product designer at AND Digital, designing apps and websites for innovative UK startups and large global brands. Prior to that he attained degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy from Oxford, and is currently studying for an MA in Art History from the Open University. He speaks and writes regularly about UX and UI.

Simon Zsolt

Product Design, User Experience Design

Simon is a Product Designer with a background in Fintech (Natwest,Loot), Healthcare (MyGP) and Logistics (Vector.ai). He doubles as a Product Manager and also dabbles in music and video games in his spare time.

Dr. Anthony Giannoumis

Service Design, Design Leadership

Action researcher, social entrepreneur, equality advocate.

Anthony’s work focuses on technology policy and practice. He is an internationally recognized expert in universal design of information and communication technology (ICT). He leads several large-scale research and innovation projects based in over 27 countries.

Ajay Lard

User Experience Design, UI with Figma

Ajay is a UX designer based in London. He is passionate about delivering exceptional experiences that solve challenges for users and businesses. He has worked on numerous building recruitment products to make the hiring process better for candidates and employers.

Jack Roche

Service Design

Jack is a London-based Service Designer with a strong experience in UX & User Research (for clients such as E.ON Energy & Costa Coffee). He has predominantly worked at agencies and consultancies across London, mostly designing services in the public sector for clients like HMCTS and Scottish Education. He is now at BT & EE helping to ensure their services meet the needs of their users.

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