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Founded in 2017, Experience Haus delivers practical and hands-on design education for individuals and teams across the globe. We help individuals that want to pivot, refresh and upskill, while also helping companies harness the power of design throughout their organisational structure.

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Tuesday 28th May, 2024

1:00 - 1:30 PM (London)

Online via Zoom

Learn by Doing Approach

We always advocate hands-on and real-life learning.

Unique Ecosystem

Bringing the design industry together at a vital time.

Thought Leadership

Ensuring design is part of any business conversation.

Our alumni have gone on to join some of the most exciting, biggest and best names across various industries.


A leader in design education.

Paving the way.

Creative skills will be vital to keep Britain’s economy at the leading edge. New trends such as AI and automation will disrupt the global economy, however, it is design skills that urgently need to be brought into the boardroom.

Experience Haus aims to change the world’s approach – supporting the young, easing the burden on employers and reshaping the future of this country.


We foster creativity by encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and providing a supportive environment where students can explore their imagination freely.


Through collaborative projects and discussions, students learn to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams, preparing them for real-world design challenges.

Continuous Learning

Learning is a lifelong journey. Our curriculum is constantly evolving to keep pace with industry trends, ensuring that students receive the most up-to-date knowledge and skills.


From organising workshops and events to partnering with local organisations, we encourage our students to actively engage with the community and use their design skills to address social issues.

We must ensure that design plays an important role not only in the future of our economy but also in the future of our leading businesses. Providing design thinking, business strategy and ideation skills to individuals will provide them a solid foundation for successful careers, shaping the way for creativity to be unleashed moving forward.

Experience Haus aims to be at the forefront of this, delivering engaging design education to any individual and team that takes part.

Amit Patel, Creative Director
Our Core training offering

Specialising in Experience Design.

UX / UI Design

Product Design

Service Design

User Research

UI Design with Figma

Product Management

Design Leadership

Design Thinking

A dedicated team here to help you maximise your potential

The Core Team

Amit Patel

Creative Director

Responsible for content and curriculum design, as well as looking after our corporate relationships. Amit will occasionally also pop in and teach a class or two.

Will Wigram

Operations Director

Will heads up the operational side of Experience Haus, and is focussed on the continual improvement of all areas of the business including sales & marketing, operations and team management.

Rosie Pritchard

Marketing and admissions manager

Rosie leads all of our marketing activities and is usually the first point of contact for anyone enquiring about any kind of B2C and B2B training opportunities.

Elise Brewster

Operations & Student Support Manager

Coming into the role with a wealth of experience in the education space, Elise looks after students once they have enrolled through to graduation and more.

Horten Pilkington

Brand & Marketing Designer

A highly talented designer who is helping spread the word about Experience Haus. You will see her work across our social media platforms and posters near you!

Roxanne Darlington

Finance Manager

Experience Haus is part of an unique ecosystem and partnership with Matter Of Form - Roxanne is responsible for Experience Haus's financial accounts ensuring this side of the business operates efficiently,

Anant Sharma

CEO, Matter of Form

Anant is the CEO of MOF and a key advocate of design education. Anant acts as a consultant for Experience Haus, helping shape our business strategy and is integral in key brand decisions.

Fred Moore

COO, Matter of Form

Fred is the COO of MOF and provides financial oversight of Experience Haus.