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At Experience Haus, we take pride in shaping the next generation of design professionals through hands-on learning and mentorship. Explore our pool of alumni who are equipped with cutting-edge skills and industry expertise to meet your hiring needs.

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Taught by experts

Our curriculum is curated and delivered by industry experts who bring real-world experience to the classroom.

From seasoned designers to top-tier professionals, our instructors are dedicated to nurturing talent and imparting invaluable insights that empower our alumni to excel in their careers.


Trained with the latest tools

Experience Haus ensures that students are equipped with the latest tools and technologies used in the design industry.

From the design process to prototyping tools like Figma and Webflow, our alumni are proficient in utilising a wide range of tools to bring their creative visions to life and solve complex design challenges.


Industry Experience

Our alumni have gained invaluable experience through internships, freelance projects, and collaborations with real clients during their time with us.

Whether it’s working with startups, non-profits, or global corporations, our graduates have honed their skills in diverse environments, making them adaptable and ready to hit the ground running in any industry


Our student graduate brought innovative thinking and project creativity beyond expectations.

Product Design, 2023


The empathy-driven approach by our recent hires have helped amplifying our mission's impact.

Career Development Bootcamp, 2023


Our recent EH hire has delivered exceptional solutions amid ongoing rapid growth.

Product Design, 2023


Our latest diverse skills enhanced our offerings, resonating with international audiences and expanding reach.

Course student completed, 2022


We love the immersive experience focus by our recent EH addition, it has elevated our user satisfaction.

Service Design, 2022

Matter Of Form

EH graduates are ready with a diverse skillset, we will look to add more in the coming years.

UI with Figma 2022

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