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One of the core pillars of Experience Haus courses is the opportunity for students to apply their learnings directly to live design challenges provided by small businesses and startups from across the country.

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How does it work?

Experience Haus is a design education provider that runs courses for professionals who wish to pivot, upskill or refresh into creative roles.  A core feature of our courses is that students are either paired individually or in groups to work on live design challenges. Along the way they will apply their learnings to create deliverables that will build up over time to solutions that answer the design challenge. Students can then add these projects to their portfolios in order to showcase their design skills.

Courses range from eight to twelve weeks long and new cohorts are scheduled to start regularly throughout the year. There is no cost for a business (of any size) to take part in this opportunity – we are simply looking for challenging briefs from a range of industries.

What makes a good design challenge?

Design wise – we are looking for challenges that include several user journeys, for example a booking flow, an e-commerce journey or completing a particular task. Ideally we also need a relatively easy to access target audience, or help from the business in getting access to the target audience.

If you are a startup struggling with traction, clear vision, or differentiation, this can make for a good Product Strategy and Management challenge. For more holistic challenges, it might be Service Design. And if you are looking to understand your potential base, then it could be a fit for our User Research course.

Real research, real solutions and working prototypes

Hear from businesses that have participated.


Experience Haus students bring fresh perspectives that exceed expectations, helping us stand out in the market.

Product Design


We've been involved several times. EH students and their attention to detail helped us increased engagement, resulting in more donations.

UX/UI and User Research


Our team of students helped drive sales with enhanced functionality and aesthetics for our mobile platform.

Product Design and UI with Figma

Singa Games

Students' creativity and attention to detail drove sales and brand recognition for our business.

Service Design


We were able to raise funds through the work as Investors were attracted by students' focus on feasibility.

Product Strategy & Management


Get involved and collaborate

  • Submit a design brief
  • Be contactable for the student(s) (via email)
  • Provide feedback for the student(s)
  • Attend a final presentation                                      (in-person or online)
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