Empathy Mapping Workshop

Empathy Mapping

Online (live)
30 minutes

Empathy is a pillar of the human-centric approach to design, as well as the foundational start to the design thinking process. During this session we will talk about the role empathy plays in building value-driven products and services, and through an interactive workshop learn how to use the Empathy Mapping tool as part of your design toolkit.

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Workshop Overview

Learn one of the fundamental tools of experience design in this highly interactive session.

Empathy is one of the most critical elements of any successful designer, whether it be through UX Design, Product Design or Service Design. Understanding the world from the perspective of the people you are designing for is key to understanding how you can unlock value for them through your work.

But what is empathy? And how do you use it? And can you improve your empathy when it comes to taking on design work? In this session we’ll break down all of this, and help you see the importance of applying empathy throughout the design process.

We’ll then introduce the Empathy Mapping tool, a framework used by designers globally to help gain the important perspective of others. We’ll gain some context in a hypothetical scenario, then through an interactive whiteboard, we’ll use some workshop time to apply the Empathy Mapping tool so you can feel confident using it your own work moving forward.

1) What can you expect to get out of this workshop?

Gain some knowledge, meet other designers, interact and apply your knowledge in a workshop format.

Learn about the role of empathy in the design process and how to make sure it’s part of your designer mindset.

2) Learn about the industry

Get top tips on how to use this knowledge and frameworks from our expert instructors. They will offering guidance and answer any questions you might have.

3) Experience the way we teach

Learn more about the Experience Haus courses and get a taster into the way we teach and what it could be like to do a course with us.


Who's this workshop for?

This really is for anyone looking to learn new design skills. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in UX or Service Design, or have already made a great start on your design career, this workshop is for you. Come along to get some more user knowledge and to ask your burning questions.

Even you are just curious at this stage, you will gain from learning about everything you can be doing in order to get yourself heading in the right direction.


Who will be leading it?

This workshop will be led by one of our expert instructors who have worked in various design roles in their careers so far.

You will come into the workshop inspired by the highly dynamic discussion, and are encouraged to ask questions and interact in order to push your learning forward. Please feel free to ask questions.


What will you get out of it?

Learn about the role of empathy in the design process, and why it’s important to gain the perspective of everyone you are designing for. Gain valuable skills by learning how to use the Empathy Mapping tool, which we will apply through an interactive workshop

You will not only hear about how this is used in design projects, but also learn about the latest books, tools, and videos that can help fuel your interest further.

Empathy Mapping

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Thursday 23rd May, 1:00pm - 1:30pm BST