UX/UI Design Career Development Bootcamp - London In-person Course

UX and UI Career Development Bootcamp.

  • Future-proof your design career prospects by studying full-time over 12 weeks
  • Develop your understanding of the latest methods, processes and industry relevant tools
  • Apply learnings onto three real-life business challenges
  • Master the design thinking approach and the mindset necessary for future success
  • Study inside a world-class design agency environment
  • Leave with a portfolio full of case studies ready for job interviews
    • 12 Weeks
    • Full-time
    • In-Person
    • Networking
    • Job Opportunities

    UX and UI Career Development Bootcamp.

    Course Type: In-Person, 12 weeks full-time

    Next Start Date: July 1st, 2024

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    Course Fee: From £7,200.00

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    "I don’t think I would’ve got this anywhere else, being able to work with actual clients - it’s like having a job. I don’t think anything else can beat that really. This experience has changed my life.”"

    Oliver Jones, Junior Product Designer, Vector.ai

    Course Overview.

    Students will enjoy a mix of lectures and workshop time, where they will get to practice their learnings and apply them to their projects.

    Pre-Course Work

    Before the bootcamp starts, we will have individual meetings with each incoming student in our studio in Shoreditch to discuss what to expect from the course, the day-to-day structure, your previous experiences, interests and future career goals. We will also give you some pre-course tasks to complete before day one.

    Two weeks before the course start date, we will bring everyone involved together for a Meet & Greet, where you’ll get the chance to meet your other coursemates, the instructors, and a studio tour.

    We also give you a pre-recorded introduction to Figma and at least one pre-course assignment for you to complete to see your approach and level of knowledge so far.

    UI Training

    Month 1: Learning the Foundations

    The first month is primarily a wide range of in-depth lessons and workshops that focus on fundamental theory, covering product strategy, user experience and user interface design. This month aims to create a solid foundational skill level for the following two months by going through the essential methods and tools. For further details on the day-to-day modules, please read through our course syllabus.

    This month, you will work on three projects, including two live client briefs. You will immediately learn and apply the design-thinking process and creative mindset, focusing on gaining empathy and ideation skills. By interacting with real users, you will learn how to gain feedback through usability testing and presenting your work.

    There will also be continuous classes in Figma, an industry-leading design tool, which will also include 1-1 support from our instructors to make sure you get the technical skills right.

    UX Training

    Month 2: Implementation

    From the second month onwards, the overall approach primarily focuses on the execution and practice of the knowledge gained so far, both on an individual and team basis. Learning about the foundational theory will continue. This month brings in your third real-client project: your 7-week capstone challenge. In this particular month, you will be focusing primarily on user research, competitor analysis, customer development and data synthesis.

    This month we will also focus on important elements of job preparation – CV editing, LinkedIn profiles, interview preparation and portfolio design.

    You will also have your first individual Figma assignment, based on your industry interests & future goals. There will be continued 1-1 support and goal tracking from our instructional team.

    Product Management Workshop

    Month 3: Preparation

    The final month of the Bootcamp heavily focuses on continuing the end-to-end design process culminating in a presentation in the final week back to your capstone client. We will focus on ideation, wireframing and prototyping, usability testing, and storytelling to bring the final presentation to life. You will have the opportunity to constantly repeat the application of various methods throughout the course, while gaining deeper knowledge as you apply them on to various projects.

    Whilst putting the finishing touches to your final project, you will find that everything is starting to come together, considering the scale of the major project that you will be delivering. We will continue to have regular feedback sessions and preparation of the CV, LinkedIn profile, project case studies and portfolio design. We will also take some time away from the project to participate in mock interviews to help with job interviewing down the line.

    UI Training

    Post-Course Support

    Throughout the course, and following it, we will continue to talk to you through your detailed and personalised feedback. We will aim to understand what industries and roles appeal to you and as such, continue to help you with support and feedback with your portfolio in order to make relevant introductions to the companies that are looking to hire designers just like you.

    There will be sessions on employability held in our studio, as well as opportunities to prepare and perfect the CV, portfolio, gain references, ask for recommendations, and more. We will also make introductions to relevant contacts inside the companies that excite you the most.

    UI Training
    View Full Syllabus

    View the full syllabus by clicking here.

    Mastering User Interface Skills with Figma

    The Career Development Bootcamp not only gives you fundamental design processes, tools and methodologies, but also takes you to a job ready level on the industry-leading user interface design tool, Figma. Your journey with Figma will start with pre-course work where you will be set design challenges in order to become familiar with how the tool works.

    Starting with user interface (UI) and visual design fundamentals, we will take you from the most basic and introductory Figma features all the way through to the advanced components and high-fidelity wireframing and prototyping.

    During the length of the immersive Career Development Bootcamp, you will work on three real client projects, and on each of these, you will be using Figma to design the final interfaces that will be presented back to your clients.

    In addition, you will be working on at least one individual Figma assignment, based on your industry interests and future career goals. This individual assignment is based on your personal tastes and interests. You will gain yet another great piece of work that you can eventually add to your portfolio.

    Advanced components, micro-transitions, cross-platform Design, auto-layout, variants, and advanced design systems are just some of the key areas we will be covering over the 12 week bootcamp.


    Study inside a global design agency.

    The Career Development Bootcamp is run from inside our Shoreditch studio, where we share our space with a leading global experience agencies, Matter of Form.

    Inside an agency, literally.

    The course workshop area is in the middle of the agency, where you’ll get to experience the actual atmosphere of how client work is prepared and delivered daily.

    Not to observe but to live with.

    Three months in an agency is a significant amount of time for you to network with the designers, project managers, creative strategists and more.

    Constant feedback and collaboration.

    Get feedback and opinions on your work from highly-experienced practitioners in the wider agency and industry.

    Course Instructors

    Our instructors have worked with various sized teams, from small startups to leading agencies and organisations such as Amazon, John Lewis, Huge, Matter of Form, ustwo and more. You will be learning from the best in the field.

    Amit Patel

    Product Design, Product Management, Strategy

    Amit is a Toronto-born product designer/manager, now living in London. Has worked in product management and product design roles across many industries and in various sizes of companies, from startups (in sectors such as media, fin-tech and healthcare) to industry leading companies such as Scotiabank, Laing O’Rourke, and both Crossrail (Europe’s largest construction project) and Crossrail 2.

    Murat Bayral

    UI Design, Product Design, Branding

    Murat is a London-based product designer specializing in UI Design and teaching Figma. He is passionate about creating effortless UI experiences. With a foundation in user-centric design, he is dedicated to designing interfaces that make interacting with technology straightforward and enjoyable.

    Admissions Process

    Are you eligible? Of course you are.

    We do not have a formal admission process for the Career Development Bootcamp, but we do ask that you have a chat with our Course Director. This informal step is to ensure that the course is the right fit for you, and to understand your career objectives in a little more detail.

    You don’t need to prepare anything for this chat but we will ask you a few questions to understand a bit more about you, your career ambitions and how the Career Development bootcamp fits into this.

    There are no pre-requisites to take the course, but having a keen interest in design definitely helps.

    The bootcamp is perfect for anyone who is looking to add experience design skills to their existing skillset and to move into this career path. Previous students include account managers, front-end developers, graphic designers and brand consultants.

    There is no need to have any knowledge of particular software as you will be taught everything along the way.


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    Course Dates and Fees.

    UX & UI Career Development Bootcamp.

    • 12 Weeks
    • Full-Time
    • London
    • Job Opportunities

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You have questions? We have the answers.

    The Career Development Bootcamp is our most immersive course. It’s a full-time course that lasts 12 weeks, where you’ll be learning from our studio in Shoreditch. We start from scratch to teach you how to design a Digital Product, assign you 3 different client projects (as well as individual Figma assignments) and also help you to create your portfolio, how to write up case-studies and prepare you for job interviews. Towards the end of the programme we will introduce you to a recruiter who could be able to help in finding you your next design role!

    Students will learn to master the complete end-to-end design process, while practicing the full process on 3 client projects. You will learn the latest and widely used industry-leading methods, tools and software. You will cover everything from the Double Diamond Process, to stakeholder management, to customer journeys, to wireframing and prototyping in Figma. We will also work on your presentation skills, personal branding and interview technique.

    No we don’t guarantee you a job, simply because it’s not a realistic promise to keep. You will be with us for 3 months during the course and in addition to the learnings and hard skills, we will show you how to prepare your portfolio and prepare for a job interview. At the end we introduce you to a recruiter, and then its on your hands to land the job. We provide you with everything that’s needed to land a new role after 12 weeks. Some of the previous students have secured their jobs even before the end of the course.

    The programme runs from our Shoreditch studio, where we share our office with Matter of Form, a global experience agency. The course starts at 09:30 and ends at 17:30 from Monday to Friday, however towards the end of the course you will be working longer hours in order to complete your project. You will have access to our studio 24 hours, 7 days a week. Arriving earlier or leaving later than course hours are completely up to you and is very common towards the end of the course.

    Yes, during the course you will be working with 3 different clients on your different projects. At the end of each project, you’ll present your process and prototypes back to each client.

    Once enrolled with us, the support you get is lifelong. Whether it’s help with a project, feedback on your portfolio, interview practise and preparation, or more general career advice – we’ll be here to support you long after you graduate.

    We offer two payment options for all of our courses. You can pay in full and save 10% off the regular price, or you can spread the cost by paying in 3 instalments taken via direct debit during the course.

    If you have taken any courses with us before, you will save 20% off the regular price.

    No, you have to enrol for our design career development courses in London at our Shoreditch studio in-Person at present time.

    We pride ourselves on immersing students in the real-world where challenges are faced not avoided. We therefore only reallocate projects when all other options are exhausted

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