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How to find a suitable training partner for your team.

One of the challenges that the corporate training market brings is the enormous selection of suitable partners. This is an area that is extremely important to Experience Haus as we continue to seek out new training opportunities, but more importantly build lasting partnerships with our clients. There is so much to consider in that the person or team that is responsible for making the training happen from the client side may actually be confused about which offer will best suit the company’s needs.

Training for all levels of your business.

There is a cultural shift needed – training is often looked at as something that the younger parts of the workforce need to do in order to gain experience, but truthfully, there is a mindset shift needed. Training is required at all levels from intern level to C-suite/executive level. Continuous learning is a must as it will help deal with the ever shifting global economy and growing demands.

Getting the best value from your training partner

The people purchasing the training will no doubt want to extract the best value and return on their investment – and the training needs to suit the way of working for the teams involved. In most cases (certainly what we have seen at Experience Haus) is that the company (or client as we would refer to them as) will want to see an overview of the content, how it will be delivered, and quality assurance that is so important to them.

Most teams will now look to hire in training partners as there is no suitable internal alternative. Most companies will have access to the same delivery tools, but it’s important to choose the right partner with a mix of well-delivered content, industry insight and desire to compliment the training with post training support. This is easier said than done however.

The amount of industry experience and quality of instructors is also key – if not perhaps the most important component of selecting the right training provider. What is the amount of experience they have? Who else have they worked with? Do they have any relevant case studies?

Blended learning continues to be a very popular way of delivering content – a mix between online, on-demand training supplemented by live virtual sessions or in-house workshops. This is certainly the way Experience Haus intends to build out its future learning platform.

Customising the training to fit your business needs

Another factor you should consider when looking for a training delivery partner is whether they have the ability to create customisable training. Selecting an ‘off-the-shelf’ product is no longer enough, and that can be a limiting factor for some of the training platforms that exist today. They are quickly lacking updates and relevance, and cannot keep up quick enough.

Personalisation and customisation will always be in demand, and this will allow for custom journeys that will tie in stronger with the employees specific goals, and help appeal to the different levels of experience within the cohort.

Bringing in a partner that can help align with strategic goals is key – both from the employee perspective and how they should benefit, but also from a business perspective too.

Overall, it is important that a chosen training partner has the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to help develop the most effective training delivery and implementation.

Friday 13th May, 2022

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