Instructor Profile: Cece Lynes | UX Design

Instructor Profile: Cece Lynes

Tell us a little about yourself and your current work outside of Experience Haus? 

I am currently living and working in London. My current role is for a global health tech company where I work on various projects both on the Research and Design side.

Over my career I’ve worked in various industries and sizes of companies, from startups (in sectors such as e-commerce and construction) to large scale companies such as EON, TBS, PRS and Citizens Advice, both agency side and product side. I definitely find healthcare the most challenging and rewarding so tend to steer towards this type of work.

One a personal note, I love to keep active, be it a random dance class or hike, geek out on podcasts, salsa (learning!) and travel. We are actually in the process of renovating a camper van to do a bit of living on the road.

Did you have a specific goal you wanted to achieve before you started teaching at Experience Haus? Do you think your time here so far has kept you on the right track?

I have taught and mentored a lot in the past and I really enjoy the process. From meeting new people, the reward in seeing them do well, and also the discipline it puts on you as the instructor to keep relevant, constantly checking for the latest on each of the topics for any further developments in the field.

What is your teaching philosophy?

I have a few! I think a huge element is to be passionate about what you are teaching. Show how you’ve done things ‘in the real world’ and the journey you had along the way. I love my work so I think it’s nice to showcase what it is at the end goal of the course.

I want the students to get the most out of the course so will make sure they feel pushed to achieve their potential and get the most out of it.

I want the class to be enjoyable, so make an effort to foster a collaborative environment.

Finally, I also believe in autonomy, the students will be trusted to do work on their own and a lot of it also comes from you get out as much as you put in.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Experience Haus?

Without sounding cliche it’s the new people you meet and seeing how new groups of people can get together and produce such great standards of work. I also really enjoy meeting the new clients on projects too as this opens up completely different industries each time with a whole new learning curve.

How would you describe your dream classroom?

Collaborative, friendly and producing amazing outcomes.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Working in AI more, for sure. I’m currently doing a course on it and my work has me doing a project on it. I’m also interested in working more with AR – that space is very exciting particularly within healthcare.

How do you keep up to date with your industry and the courses you teach?

Podcasts, blogs and YouTube mostly. I’m also doing a self development course of sorts so that factors in as well.

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Thursday 30th November, 2023

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