Life on our UX & UI Career Development Bootcamp

Some of the most common questions we get from prospective students looking at joining our full-time UX & UI Career Development Bootcamp is what life is like for students on the course and what sort of backgrounds students come from.

We’ve interviewed a group of our recent graduates who can explain more about their backgrounds and how they found the full-time bootcamp.

What were you doing before you found our UX & UI Career Development Bootcamp?

Matthieu: I worked as a floral designer for over 15 years, mostly for event, retail and private clients.

Jaci: I was on a career break.

Ana: I was a teacher.

Imma: I was working for a fin-tech startup offering digital e-money management solutions.

Iria: Prior to the bootcamp,  I was immersing myself in the world of graphic design and web design. 

Lucas: I was running a startup in fashtech for the best part of 10 years. I always enjoyed the product side of things and decided to focus my career in that direction after Covid disrupted the business.

What drew you to Experience Haus?

Matthieu: After looking at different schools, I chose Experience Haus for the following reasons:

  1. In-person class
  2. Working on a real life project
  3. Experiencing working in a team
  4. The chance of having teachers that are working in the field, that would give me up-to-date and relevant information, contributing to a more meaningful and practical learning experience

Jaci: The in-person teaching and opportunity to work with real-life clients.

Ana: I was looking for a design bootcamp to change careers and after thoroughly researching (speaking to former students on LinkedIn and having a long Zoom conversation with Amit) I decided to go with Experience Haus as it was the only bootcamp that offers a hands-on experience, in-person, working in groups, working with clients and the possibility of networking in events like hackathons.

Imma: I was looking for an intensive UX bootcamp that could provide some experience with real clients and tha took place in-person. Experience Haus was the only bootcamp I found hat matched my requirements.

Iria: The course was in-person and offered the right mix of UX/UI theories and hands-on practice.

Lucas: Peer to peer recommendation. I was once the client brief for a uX/UI course at General Assembly.I stayed in touch wih our team and grew close to one particular member who did a lot of work for us over the years. He helped me figure out my direction and suggested the EH course.

What did a typical day look like for you on the course?

Matthieu: We would start class at 9:30, sometimes with a class on UX or Figma, or otherwise working on our team projects. The schedules were aways flexible and the teachers would always check with each team before planning a class. The day would usually finish around 5, but sometimes we would stay a bit longer to work on our project, especially when deadlines were close.

Jaci: The days were usually pretty full on. When it was busy, I would spend time on my coursework, working into the evening, but if I had any free time I would play video games with my partner. There were also occasions where me and my course mates would go to design events together.

Ana: Every day was completely different as it depended on where we were in the course and the project we were working on. But generally there was a lot of workshop time within our teams, at least a 1 hour lecture and sometimes we’d have various mornings learning Figma and UI.

Imma: Attending lectures at the studio and applying the new concepts to the assigned project.

Iria: A typical day involved engaging lectures in the studio, followed by collaborative team meetings to align our daily tasks and work on practical projects.

Lucas: Like working in a creative agency. Learning, collaborating, projects and new friends. It was a very friendly and relaxed environment. It helped me get back into the swing of a 9-5 after working for myself for a long time.

What was your favourite part of the course?

Matthieu: I particularly enjoyed the aspect wejre our teachers provided guidance throughout each project, offering constructive feedback consistently.

Jaci: Getting to bounce ideas with other people on the course.

Ana: My favourite part were the days when we would receive the brief and start to understand the whole concept of the project.

Imma: My favourite part was learning the different approaches to design thinking. I like the fact that the methodologies I have learned could be applied across various professional roles within the industry.

Iria: What I loved most was the studio’s dynamic environment, getting real client experience and the collaboration on projects.

Lucas: I liked the vibe and the pace. I’d be very happy t work in an office environment like that/ Also, lots of support and guidance helped me figure out my plan going forward.

What did you find most challenging about the course?

Matthieu: I would say the intensity – it’s a lot to process in 3 months! However I learned a lot and progressed more than I ever could have imagined.

Jaci: Juggling learning from lectures, project work and presentation preparation was hard, and also sometimes finding the right people to interview.

Ana: The deadlines and the presentations.

Imma: The most challenging part was delivering projects within tight deadlines. it was hard sometimes but the only way to optimise your learning time throughout the course.

Iria: Definitely keeping up with the workload sometimes!

Lucas: The final project was pretty intense. Lots of late nights working, but I always find hard work rewarding, so I didn’t mind too much!

What are you looking to do now the course is over – do you have a particular role you want to work in or a particular company you want to join?

Matthieu: I’m looking to learn more about UX, improve my Figma skills, and learn other software. I would love to work in an area such as sustainability and energy.

Jaci: I’ve started working on my portfolio again now the holidays are over. I’m looking an intermediate to senior product designer roles.

Ana: As soon as I finish my portfolio I’m going to start applying for jobs. I don’t have a particular company I want to work for but I’d like to work as a general Product Designer.

Imma: I am looking for a role where I can integrate my experience from my previous roles/career with the ones I’ve acquired from the course.

Iria: I’maiming to step into a mid-weight product designer role, excited to apply and expand my UX/UI skillset.

Lucas: I want to work for an agency that works with early stage businesses or startups. That’s where my experience lies. I can offer a lot more than the design side of things to these types of businesses. I understand what their investors or users wlll be looking for at an early stage. Failing that, a large tech company, I’m ready to join a company with a ladder after years of being self-employed.

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Posted on : Thursday January 18, 2024