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Meet the Startup: FORME Shaker

In this series of startup profiles, we speak to the people behind the startups that provide real-life design challenges to our students. Today, we speak to Nick Samra, co-founder of FORME. FORME is a modern-day supplement shaker, with functionality and design that aligns with the rest of today’s fitness landscape.

Nick, can you tell us a little about your company and your current team?

FORME Products Limited was created as we felt the shaker had fallen behind in the fast paced fitness world and needed a refresh. Our team of two health and fitness enthusiasts with sports industry experience, teamed up to design our first ever product – the FORME Shaker – with the aim of producing a shaker that would appeal to people like themselves. It’s no longer just bodybuilders who frequent gyms and take supplements but the shaker is still only really designed for them.

What design challenges have you supplied to Experience Haus?

We have submitted a number of projects to Experience Haus students, including:

  • Clarifying our target user groups
  • Optimising our current website user journey and experience
  • Defining a new e-commerce journey to reach our core business goals
  • Creating a referral strategy to help drive new customers to the site
  • How to partner with similar brands to build awareness

What did the individual students/teams of students manage to produce for you?

We had the following information presented to us from the groups, as well as individual students:

  • Research and insights(user interviews, key trends, user categorisation)
  • Website design audit nd suggested experience improvements
  • Competitor research to understand what else is out there

How have you been able to implement the outputs?

We are currently using this information to improve our website design and messaging, as well as creating guidelines and briefs for all future marketing materials (mainly social content) for a big push in the new year.

What did you enjoy most about working on a project with Experience Haus?

It was great to have insight from someone other than ourselves; they came at it with fresh sets of eyes. We were very impressed with the consistency of the feedback we got from various groups, which really confirmed the information we were being presented as legitimate and well worth considering. The students were very bright and enthusiastic but also incredibly smart and impressed us a lot.

Where do you see the company in five years?

Aim is to become one of the top fitness accessories and found in more gym bags than any other shaker. 

What has it been like working with Experience Haus?

It has been incredibly useful for us. Michael, my co-founder, and I both have jobs and are still running FORME as a side hustle for the time being so by having the students putting in time to help our research and planning has been invaluable. We were very impressed the with quality of teaching and calibre of students, they have all been incredibly impressive.

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Thursday 16th February, 2023

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