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Meet the Startup: T.I.O.

In this series of startup profiles, we speak to the people behind the startups that provide real-life design challenges to our students. Today, we speak to Giuseppi Lopez, Founder of T.I.O.

Giuseppi, can you tell us a little about your company and your current team?

T.I.O. is an innovative startup harnessing the power of deep learning to revolutionise attire selection and acquisition for various scenarios. Our cutting-edge models can crop and transfer clothes to user pictures, providing them with reliable and realistic views of their potential outfits. We are also developing models that can automatically suggest attires based on user text queries, such as ‘wedding beach ‘. In the near future, we plan to tackle the challenge of handling clothes sizes and integrate our platform with stores, enabling users to select and purchase clothes seamlessly.

Our startup is currently driven by the expertise of our two founders. Dr. Giussepi Lopez, a seasoned software engineer with over ten years of experience, brings a wealth of knowledge in deep learning, with a track record of six years in the field. MSc. Reiner Marquez, a senior software engineer, boasts an impressive career spanning over two decades.

What design challenges have you supplied to Experience Haus? 

The main challenge was creating the mobile user interface for our MVP. Showing several filters, pictures, and advertising is not straightforward due to the small screens of mobile devices. Additionally, all the workflows related to the search, selection, virtual try-on, and obtaining a list of places/vendors to get the items required to happen in a few simple steps. The aim was to obtain a user interface with great user experience and usability.

What did the individual student/teams of students manage to produce for you?

Firstly, they performed market research to find out if this application is solving a real issue and has the potential to grow in the short term. In this regard, they interviewed several people, ranging from teenagers to young adults.

Secondly, they researched our primary competitors. Several similarities, advantages and disadvantages were reported.

Thirdly, they provided user interface prototypes using Figma. These interfaces showed accurate workflows and reflected innovative ideas which were included in our designs.

How have you been able to implement the outputs?

Our final interface has included several features from the user interface prototypes; nevertheless, we are delaying its implementation until the deep learning models are fully functional.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

Working with several main brand clothing companies and shopping centres in the UK and expanding to the US. 

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Thursday 27th June, 2024

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