Meet the Startup: WealthMaster - Experience Haus

Meet the Startup: WealthMaster

Prototypes by Career Development Bootcamp Students

In this series of startup profiles, we speak to the people behind the startups that provide real-life design challenges to our students. Today, we speak to Jonathan Cosgrove, founder of WealthMaster.

Jonathan, can you tell us a little about your company and your current team?

WealthMaster is an open finance platform that gives retail investors a connected view of their net worth and provides them with various automated tools to grow their wealth.

In less than 20 clicks, users are able to connect all their bank and investment accounts, debt liabilities, physical assets and news feeds into one integrated dashboard providing them with a real-time view of their net worth. Their AI engine helps users to optimise their investment portfolios, providing them with personalised insights (interest/dividend income, management/trading fees and more), tax liability calculations, personalised nudges, product matching and automated portfolio construction/rebalancing regardless of which trading platforms they have connected to their WealthMaster account.

What design challenges have you supplied to Experience Haus? 

Over the last 18 months, Experience Haus have delivered the following for WealthMaster:

  • Initial user research with refreshed problem statements capturing product market fit requirements
  • A set of 6 personas to inform UX/UI
  • Development of Figma design flows capturing the high-level product features
  • Development of Figma flows (App and desktop) capturing the specific product features required by the 2 go-to-market personas
  • A product strategy and roadmap
  • The initial design of the B2B product

What did the individual student/teams of students manage to produce for you?

The teams that have worked on my briefs have produced a number of assets such as full Figma flows, product strategies, branding guidelines and user research data. 

How have you been able to implement the outputs?

I am currently working with Experience Haus to finalise the Figma files associated with the MVP. Once this work is complete, I will be able to implement it

What did you enjoy most about working on a project with Experience Haus?

Working with Experience Haus has been an eye-opening experience which underscored the role educational institutions like EH can play as strategic partners within the start-up ecosystem.

Experience Haus has proven through the quality of their instructors and calibre of students, that they can be a kick-starter and strategic partner for any early-stage start-up initiating the product design process and supporting through to the development phase and beyond.

Working with a design company such as Experience Haus which centres it’s philosophy on user experience has ensured that WealthMaster as an organisation will perpetually have user centricity as a value embedded in its DNA.

I look forward to a continued partnership with Experience Haus and hope others get the opportunity to be supported by an excellent institution.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

Hopefully, a platform that’s well-established and makes the process of managing investment super easy for my users and catalyzing some innovation across the Wealth Management industry

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Friday 10th March, 2023

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