Meet the Startup: WealthMaster

Prototypes by Career Development Bootcamp Students

In this series of startup profiles, we speak to the people behind the startups that provide real-life design challenges to our students. Today, we speak to Jonathan Cosgrove, founder of WealthMaster.

Jonathan, can you tell us a little about your company and your current team?

WealthMaster is an ecosystem platform which gives retail investors a connected view of their cash and investment accounts, and provides users with the tools to maximise their investments through insights and advanced analytics.

What design challenges have you supplied to Experience Haus? 

I have given Experience Haus a variety of projects for students to work on, including:

  • Initial user research to validate the problem and identify personas
  • Development of Figma design flows capturing the high-level product features
  • A deep dive into 2 of the personas that will inform the product features for the MVP
  • Development of Figma flows (App and desktop) capturing the specific product features required by the 2 go-to-market personas
  • A product strategy and roadmap

What did the individual student/teams of students manage to produce for you?

The teams that have worked on my briefs have produced a number of assets such as full Figma flows, product strategies, branding guidelines and user research data. 

How have you been able to implement the outputs?

I am currently working with Experience Haus to finalise the Figma files associated with the MVP. Once this work is complete, I will be able to implement it

What did you enjoy most about working on a project with Experience Haus?

I would say it was getting to work with so very creative students who have done a fantastic job on the design of my platform. A highlight for me was joining a number of persona workshops at the Experience Haus studios, which were a lot of fun.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

Hopefully, a platform that’s well-established and makes the process of managing investment super easy for my users and catalyzing some innovation across the Wealth Management industry

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Posted on : Friday March 10, 2023