Taking Research Projects to the Next Level with Westminster Uni

Between 26th February and 1st March, students at the University of Westminster took part in a series of on-campus workshops to help them develop primary research skills and understand how their projects can benefit different audiences. 

This annual programme is organised by the  Westminster Enterprise Network, who have invited Experience Haus on a number of occasions to run workshops with students, helping them build on their research knowledge. These workshops consisted of a mixture of in-person and online sessions, focusing on data collection, research methods and actionable insights, as well as facilitating practice focus groups and interviews. 

At the end of the week, students had the opportunity to present their progress back and consider how their projects would work in the real world. All student who completed the programme received a certificate at the end, with those pitching on the last day sharing a £4,000 prize pot between them! 

Summing up the week, Zsofia Kunvari, Enterprise Education Officer at the Westminster Enterprise Network, said: “We took great care and time in organising this programme to maximise students’ experience and the value they can take from it. It was really encouraging to see 19 students pitching at the end of the week, highlighting the incredible potential these projects have and the fact that students really took on board the idea that their research carries value beyond the coursework submission deadline.”

Posted on : Thursday April 4, 2024