The 7 Lovely Wins of Inclusive Leadership

This month, we have started running a series of education talks for our alumni lead by industry professionals, all centered around the latest industry updates and their own professional development. We were most recently joined by social entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Experience Haus instructor Dr Anthony Giannoumis to learn all about ‘The 7 Lovely Wins of Inclusive Leadership’.

What are ‘The 7 Lovely Wins of Inclusive Leadership’?

‘The 7 Lovely Wins of Inclusive Leadership’ covers the greatest challenges decision-makers must overcome to lead inclusively. It starts with creating space and using your position to empower others to share their voices and challenge the status quo. Make inclusion a reality by turning promises into practices.

The 7 Lovely Wins are a first-of-their-kind methodology to inspire leaders to effectively tackle the global generational and demographic changes, and see your employees and customers in a new light. Backed by science, the 7 Lovely Wins are proven to reduce turnover by over 21%, engage 83% more employees, and increase marketing share by 15%.

During the talk, Anthony took us through two out of the seven wins and what more can be done to ensure leaders in all workforces are constantly displaying inclusive leadership.

Anthony commented “Inclusive leadership is essential for turning inclusion promises into practices. Seeing the next generation take up inclusion from the beginnings of their careers fills me with joy, and partnering with Experience Haus to bring these messages to such an incredibly diverse group means that I have the chance, in some small way, to help move things forward. Thanks especially to Amit for being a true friend and an incredible mentor!”

Are you ready to play the Inclusion Game? Engage in an immersive workshop that challenges biases, fosters empathy, and cultivates inclusive mindsets. Get in touch with Anthony to bring this transformative experience to your organisation and unlock the power of diversity and inclusion.

Posted on : Thursday July 6, 2023