The Chris Do Effect

Chris Do is an Emmy-award winning designer, director, CEO and founder of The Future – an online education platform helping people successfully build their businesses and brands. He has nearly 1 million followers on Instagram, 35K subscribers on YouTube and over 100K followers on X. Those who want to join his online community can choose from memberships ranging from $83/month to $18,000/6 months giving them different tiers of coaching support, feedback and even the opportunity to have private calls with Chris himself. Over the years he has managed to create a vast community of loyal followers who hang onto his every word.

It’s safe to say he’s a pretty in-demand guy who is hard to pin down. As such a ‘celebrity’ in the design world, we were over the moon (and honestly, quite surprised!) when after a random introduction to Chris, he asked whether we could host an evening with him in our studio in Shoreditch. It was obviously a no brainer!

It was a busy and eventful day from the off, starting with Chris having to hunt down his lost luggage at the airport. From the early afternoon, exclusive members of the Futur Pro community were invited to spend a couple of extra hours with Chris, catching up and picking his brains on extra advice for their own businesses. Then, from 4pm we opened the doors to the public and other community members to join. For over 4 hours (and without a break!), Chris captivated an audience of 80+ people, on topics such as pricing strategies, price vs value, making your business stand out, and more. Whether it was to do with an individual business or general business question, he took the time to answer every question that was thrown his way.

From the moment Chris arrived in the studio, to when the last person left our studio, the energy throughout the day was absolutely electric! It was also a great opportunity for us shout about Experience Haus and the community we are building. A huge thank you to Chris and his team for choosing us as the hosts of such an unforgettable event.


Posted on : Friday November 17, 2023