Unleash Your Creativity with our Product Design Course - Experience Haus

Unleash Your Creativity with our Product Design Course

Product design is the process of ideating, creating and refining digital products that meet user needs and business objectives. It covers the entire lifecycle of a product, from initial concept, to ideation, prototyping and user testing. Product Design includes user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, however focuses on big-picture implications like processes, cost and a brand’s position within the market.

The demand for Product Designers has increased in the last few years as businesses have realised the importance of having seamless user experiences in order to remain competitive in their respective industries. The great thing about breaking into product design is that you don’t have to have any experience designing to choose this career! Students who have done our Product Design course at Experience Haus are prime examples of individuals who have pivoted from completely different roles into this industry. From dentists to doctors to chefs to marketing executives, we’ve seen them all! Your first step to breaking into product design is finding a course provider that will not only teach you the theory, but that will also be on hand to help you develop the career you want.

The Experience Haus Product Design Course

At Experience Haus, our part-time in-person Product Design (inc UX & UI) course is our longest running and most popular course, due to the level of theoretical knowledge you gain, combines with the opportunity to work on a client brief, and the face you learn from inside a luxury design agency. During the 12 weeks you learn the full end-to-end design process for designing digital products, including design thinking, user research, UI and product strategy. This strategy knowledge is what differentiates a Product Designer from solely a UX Designer.

The highlight of this particular course is the opportunity to work on your own client brief, from a start-up in an industry that most interest you, that you can ultimately then add to your portfolio. This is something that isn’t offered on any other course! Whether it’s fashion, food & drink, fin-tech or healthcare, we are lucky enough to have briefs supplied from all manner of industries that you can choose from. By working on a real client brief, this allows students to immediately apply the concepts and techniques you have learned in class to a real-world setting. This gives students experience in stakeholder management, receiving feedback and making design iterations

The Opportunity to Study in an Award-Winning Design Agency

One of the reasons our in-person courses stand out from other competitors within this industry is the opportunity to learn within a leading design and branding agency in the heart of London’s creative hub. Rather than learning in a sterile classroom, students come into the studio inspired by the highly dynamic environment and are encouraged to talk to agency staff to help further their professional development. Every person has been at that starting point when pursuing a new career, and the design team at Matter of Form are always more than happy to share any pearls of wisdom to our new designers waiting to take that first step.

Achieving Success in Product Design

By taking a comprehensive Product Design course like the one offered at Experience Haus, this can be transformative in achieving success in this field. You will have a comprehensive understanding of the entire design process, from research to prototyping and learn best practices for designing engaging digital products.

The opportunity to work on a real-client project for your portfolio will make this stand out to employers in the future, compared to those who maybe only have a series of concept briefs to work through. As you will have already had experience managing a stakeholder, this will help you with things like setting expectations and dealing with feedback whether you go on to work for a design agency or an in-house design team.

Becoming part of a supportive design community can be invaluable when breaking into the industry. Making connections with industry professionals, mentors and even other students can offer valuable insights, guidance and potential job opportunities. We regularly run exclusive events for our alumni including design hackathons, Q&A sessions and portfolio reviews so that our students feel that have all the tools they need to further their careers. We are not a training provider that wants students to come take a course and leave, but rather remain part of our community, keeping us up to date with their own professional development and offer their help to others students starting out in the industry.

Product design is an exciting field that anyone can become part of. By enrolling on our Product Design course, you will gain valuable knowledge, expand you skillset and become part of a thriving community that is dedicated to unlocking your potential as a successful Product Designer.

Monday 11th September, 2023

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