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Design education puts an emphasis on the real problems facing your business - the need for a balanced focus between business strategy and customer experience.

We have worked with industry-leading organisations and the disruptors of tomorrow.

How we can help your team.

Our corporate training offering covers high demand disciplines including Experience Design (UX, UI, Product, and Service Design), Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Product Strategy and Management, and Design Leadership.

Practical and In-Depth Training for Your Team.

  • In-Person
  • Remote

Our modular approach allows us to build custom training programmes for your team. We spend time learning about your team, objectives, timeframes and expected outcomes to help us prepare a comprehensive learning plan.

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Design Teams and Product Consultancy.

  • In-Person
  • Remote

We can build design teams for you to your specific needs. We use the Experience Haus network and to resource provision across multiple disciplines and delivery against design, strategy, marketing and technology needs.

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Entrepreneurship and Startup Programmes.

  • In-Person
  • Remote

Everything you need to deliver your own accelerator programme in one customisable out-of-the-box solution. Build out training programmes to enhance the entrepreneurship journey.

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Design Events.

Bring creativity, innovation, inspiration and more altogether in an unique format.

  • Hackathons.
  • Innovation weeks.
  • Design sprints.
  • Leadership excursions.
  • Team building.
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Hire Experience Haus Alumni.

Our students graduate from immersive programmes that enable them to jump directly into the workplace, armed with the latest design processes, methods and tools. Hire directly from our pool of talent, or build a relationship with us becoming a hiring partner.

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The Haus Experience

We provide applied learning and hands-on courses for organisations and individuals covering an abundance of different digital expertise.

Based in a global design agency.

Our studio is based in one of London’s leading design and branding agencies, Matter of Form.

Students come into class inspired by the highly dynamic creative environment, and are encouraged to talk to agency staff for their own professional development.

Hands-on & working with real clients.

Our ‘learn by doing’ practical approach gives our students the perfect opportunity to apply what they have learnt straight away in the real world.

Our professional instructors.

Our quality course design and content is led by experienced design professionals.

They are all equipped with industry experience of helping students to develop their knowledge, improve and prepare them for new opportunities.

Our Culture

Hear from the people we have worked with.

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The best product training we have received. Experience Haus instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which is delivered in a highly engaging and interactive style. They encourage students to learn by doing, and it’s a thrill to see all the theory come together as you form prototypes.