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Elevate Your Career Change with UI Design For Figma: The Course That Helps You Build Exciting Digital Products

How many times have you hear someone complain about how bad the Zara website is? Or, discussed how easy it is to use Airbnb? Well behind all these websites and apps are UI design teams working hard to try and build seamless online experiences for users (not that they always get it right of course!)

User Interface (UI) is the industrial field of human-computer interaction. A user interface is where human interacts with devices or computers. The primary goal of UI design is to make this interaction efficient and user-friendly, leading to maximum usability.

What is the difference between UX & UI?

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are two area that are highly linked to one another, yet require very different skill sets. UX primarily focuses on research, analysis and the data side of the process. UI is primarily focused on visual engineering and design theory. Those who are starting their career change are recommended to learn both sides of design as they feed into one another and it’s important to know how both sides of the process work, but by learning both you might realise there is one part of the process you enjoy more than the other.

Learning the Leading Design Tool

There are a number of design tools that UI Designers can use to help develop their concepts and Figma is definitely leading the way. About four years ago, the design tool on everyone’s lips was Sketch, but fast forward to now, it is very uncommon to find anyone still using it! With all the tools you would need in one place, the opportunity to design in-browser and not only on a desktop app ONLY suitable for Apple, and the ability to collaborate with your team in real-time, it’s no wonder Figma is now the industry-leading tool used by agencies across the world.

Advance Your Skills on our UI Design with Figma Course

Available both online and in-person, our 8-week part-time UI Design with Figma course focuses on UI best practices, both for existing and upcoming technologies and trends. From fundamental design theory through to launch-ready Figma prototypes, we have designed this course for those who have already built a bit of a foundation when it comes to Figma (knowing how to at least create a prototype) but want to master the detailed workings of the software and elevate themselves from beginner level to an advanced UI designer. Starting with visual design and UI fundamentals, you will then continue with Figma, learning advanced features and tips including: tools, design systems, taxonomy, styles, auto-layout, constraints, and so much more!

Work with a real client

One of the fundamental pillars of Experience Haus is our ‘learn by doing’ approach. We believe students learn best when they can immediately apply what they have been learning onto a real world scenario. This is why across all of our courses, you will work on a live client brief as part of your learning journey. at the end of the course you will present everything you’ve worked on back to the client, and have a project you can put straight onto your portfolio. In future interviews, this real world application will give you the edge against other candidates who may have only worked on concept projects.

If you’re looking to take the next step in your design career and want to explore the creative world of UI, get in touch with us today. On our 8-week part-time UI Design course, we will teach you all the skills needed to become an advanced UI designer, giving you the edge over the competition.

Monday 18th December, 2023

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