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Invest Your Design Leadership Journey: Why a Course is the Key to Professional Growth

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and just like Rome, your design career won’t be either. It is something you will have to dedicate time and energy to, constantly refining your skills and staying on top of the latest tools and trends to keep your skills relevant.

The more time you invest in this learning, the quicker you can work your way to the top! Nonetheless, as you begin to climb the career ladder, it is essential that you master the leadership skills needed to manage teams, foster innovation and ultimately help the business achieve their goals.

The Skills You Need as a Design Leader

Leading a design team goes beyond managing a team. You need to be able to inspire other designers within your team to produce work of the highest quality, whilst also being able to provide constructive feedback. It is essential for leaders to communicate effectively to provide clear direction and convey their ideas and vision clearly. This ability to tell compelling stories around design ideas not only garners support from team members, but from stakeholders as well, ensuring a strong execution of projects.

Design leadership is also something that extends beyond design proficiency. Being emotionally intelligent allows leaders to understand and empathise with team member’s feelings, allowing them to build better working relationships and create a positive working environment. It is important to guide each team member, helping them work towards their own goals, as well as contributing to the business’ overarching vision.


How a Design Leadership Course Can Help Your Professional Growth

Navigating your career into a more senior role can be daunting, especially if you’ve had no prior experience leading teams in the past. Joining a design leadership course allows designers to develop the essential skills needed, as well as giving them insights and practical experience with real-world scenarios. By providing this practical application, students can start to immediately apply their newfound knowledge and skills.

Enrolling on a design leadership course equips students with the tools and knowledge to become effective design leaders, opening the doors to new opportunities. At Experience Haus, we run a 6-week part-time Design Leadership course from our studio in Shoreditch. From building and managing teams, to delivering design critiques, we give you all the skills you would need to effectively lead teams, whilst also learning how to best represent design in the boardroom. You’re taught by industry experts who have extensive experience in leadership roles and can connect you with other people in their network who can also contribute to your journey into a leadership role.

Whether you’re aspiring to lead a team or to elevate your career, we will equip you with the skills and knowledge to take on a design leader role. Get in touch with the Experience Haus team today and kickstart your leadership journey.

Monday 8th January, 2024

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