Startup Profile: The Float

The Float is a finance company created to ease cashflow for freelancers. The Float was paired with an Experience Product Design student to provide a live brief to tackle throughout the course.

Tell us a little about your company and your current team 

The Float is a finance company founded in 2018. The business was started as a way to ease cashflow issues among freelancers by paying them upfront on their invoices while their clients would pay us in 60 days time.

The current team consists of Mike Garrod, a media professional with over 20 years of experience, and myself, Neeraj Dhanothia, a finance and operations executive.

What was the brief you gave your student at Experience Haus? What were they able to produce for you?

The brief given to the Product Design student was on testing the design of some new features we want to add to the platform in the future.

The student spent some time researching the market to identify the actual issues that we are looking to solve with the new features, researching the alternatives available and making design recommendations on what the new features should look like to be useful. The end result was a slick presentation that forms the basic idea that we will further develop to create the new features on.

How have you been able to use this?

We continue to stay in touch with the student, though the output is not yet in production. We plan on implementing her new feature and design ideas in the near future and will absolutely reach out to her when that happens.

the float experience haus

Where do you see The Float in 5 years?

In 5 years, The Float will become the one stop for all freelancers looking for jobs, getting employed, invoicing their clients, managing their accounts and then getting paid.

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Posted on : Wednesday November 6, 2019